Asset Protection & Asset Tracking

Signal Integration & Wayside Predictive Analytics

Asset protection systems have a wide range of equipment to aid in defect detection, diagnostics and monitoring. Functions to protecting the ties and track to high value assets, we can design an asset protection solution to meet our customer's needs. We also provide crossing obstacle detection system where through the use of radars, the system can detect objects, in the intersection of road and track, and alert the operator or in some cases, stop the train automatically. In addition to wayside products, PowerView is a next-generation, crash-hardened Locomotive Event and Video Recorder. It provides synchronized recording and playback of multiple data sources and can replace multiple locomotive recorders into a single unit. It is also a complete processing platform that supports edge computing for local analytics, alarming and other applications. PowerView integrates across most OEM locomotive types, as well as various third-party systems.

  • Predictive, Condition-Based Monitoring for Wayside
  • Rail Asset Protection and Management
  • Project Management
  • Software, Mechanical and Electrical Design and Implementation
  • On-Site Installation, Commissioning Services and Quality Control
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